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Serverless Best Practices Ebook

Serverless is a different beast in comparison to traditional infrastructures where developers retain the burden of configuring and monitoring their own fleet of machines.

After years of working with hundreds of clients, we've decided to put together this Serverless Best Practices handbook to help you better navigate this brand new world of serverless computing. 

What's included

The 13-page ebook is structured in four sections:

Frameworks: making a developer's life a lot easier to deploy and configure serverless apps

Logging & Debugging: how to best track and fix issues in serverless environments (including comparisons of AWS Cloudwatch, Azure and Stackdrive)

Serverless monitoring: how to best stay on top of your application performance and behavior to ensure its quality

Architectural Patterns: leverage serverless to produce maintainable, extensible and resilient code

Actionable insights

This ebook will explain and offer advice on issues and topics you should be aware of in order to appropriately approach the software development cycle for a serverless platform.